Alkaline Water Benefits

Does Your Water Help or Hurt You will help you understand water ionizers and alkaline water as well as all your other water options

Scientists around the world have been studying alkaline water benefits for almost two decades, and the ability of alkaline water to maintain health and fend off diseases is simply remarkable. As alkaline water benefits gain notoriety, the use of residential alkaline water machines is becoming commonplace for people concerned about their health and water quality.

Prior to the invention of alkaline water machines, your options included:

  • Drinking tap water from private well water or city water systems that is substandard in quality
  • Water filters which have a wide range of purposes but very few health benefits
  • Water purification systems which are superior to most water filters but they have no alkaline water benefits because the water is acidic
  • Bottled water, most of which are also acidic with even the best bottled water brands having little health benefit

What’s in water?

Scientists speculate that each glass of water we drink has been previously consumed up to 100 times. Nature kept up with natural purification, but in just the last 150 years, the human population grew from approximately one billion people to 7.5 billion people. This huge population added significantly to water contamination by increasing the number of bio-contaminants entering our rivers, lakes, and oceans, and ultimately our drinking water. Water from many private wells and all municipal systems now needs to be chemically sanitized before it can be ingested.

In addition to bio-organisms from human waste and farm animals, we have harmful chemicals entering our water from industry, vehicles, and even medications that passed through human bodies which cannot be removed by sewage plants. Collectively, these pollutants attack your immune system.

What’s not in water?

The properties water loses are as bad as what contaminates it. By the time we turn on ordinary tap water, it has lost alkalinity. The electrical charge in it that provides us with energy and deoxidizes our bodies from harmful pollutants is also lost. This means we receive no energy from our water and our bodies cannot sufficiently process the water for essential hydration. Without alkaline water benefits, our digestive systems are not cleansed properly and the cells in our bodies become acidified, thus compelling weight gain and growth of cancer cells.

Water ionizer

Become familiar with this term because water ionizers are the electronic water filtration devices that create alkaline water.

Alkaline water benefits touted

As the knowledge about the benefits of drinking alkaline water increases, so does the sea of conflicting information within water ionizer reviews. Some of this information is of course brought by people promoting specific products that may not be in your best interest to purchase.

Are you serious about your water?

If you are serious about your health, then you should be serious about your water. It helps to begin by understanding how nature provided us with safe and healthy water in the past, in contrast to the drinking water contamination problems we face today.

Water filters and water purification systems also vary significantly in quality and purpose so it helps to know the pros and cons of different technologies. For instance, you might want to treat the water in your home as well as the water you consume.

Knowledge is vital, especially when investing in a water ionizer that provides you with alkaline water benefits on tap.

If you’re researching water filtration systems or alkaline water machines, I highly recommend reading the book Does Your Water Help or Hurt You? In this book, I’ll show you photographs with clear explanations to help you understand water quality concerns and solutions.

You’ll learn the advantages and/or disadvantages of tap water, bottled water, water filters, purified water, ionized water, and water alkaline machines that are available today. For just $7.99 you’ll get the answers to all the questions you should be asking yourself.


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