How to Reduce EMF Radiation Exposure

Everyone is exposed to electro-magnetic fields (EMF radiation) that are emitted into the air of our homes by electronic devices such as TVs, computers, tablets, phones, chargers, household appliances, and especially by the surrounding grid of electrical wiring hidden in our walls and ceilings.

Because we cannot avoid exposure to EMF altogether, we must apply some essential protection strategies. This book shows you a variety of inspection and testing photographs that include easy-to-understand explanations to help you realize the scope of EMF radiation exposure. You’ll learn practical solutions to apply in your home to significantly reduce your exposure.


Reducing EMF Radiation with EMF Protection Tips

EMF protection is essential because exposure to EMF radiation affects our bioelectrical systems, which results in a variety of symptoms.

Physical Symptoms

Physical symptoms can include chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, tooth pain (most noticeably at metal fillings), ringing in the ears, unclear vision, leukemia, and inexplicable cancers.

Dermal Symptoms

Dermal symptoms can include hair loss, tingling sensations on skin, flushing, and rashes, and premature aging.

Neurological Symptoms

Neurological symptoms can include twitching of eyelids, muscle spasms, tremors, heart palpitations, arrhythmias, seizures, and asthmatic reactions. Effects of EMF radiation on the brain can lead to insomnia, depression, stress, headaches, learning disabilities, memory loss, ADD, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Table of Contents

Lay-level understanding of electricity
What is electrical radiation?
Electromagnetic fields
Ground current
Electrical radiation
What causes electrical radiation?
Testing for electrical radiation
Am I exposed in my home?
Are there safe exposure levels?
What are symptoms of exposure?
Financial consequences of electrical radiation
Can the utility company correct this problem?
What can I do to reduce my exposure?
Possible wiring repairs
Fluorescent lighting
Dimmer controls
Transformers and chargers
Extension cords
Small appliances and electronic devices
Large appliances
Microwave ovens
Bedside electrical devices and cords
Baby monitors
Electric heating blankets and pads
Fabrics with electrical charges
Television screens
Cordless phones
Cellular phones
Desktop computers
Laptop computers
Wi-Fi signals
Electrical meters and panel boxes
Utility power lines and transformers
Cellular towers
Filtering your electricity
Electrical filtration options


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